Getting Started with TranscribeIQ's Chrome Extension
  • 19 May 2024
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Getting Started with TranscribeIQ's Chrome Extension

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Article Summary

Start A TranscribeIQ Free Trial

Launch TranscribeIQ by clicking the TranscribeIQ icon in the chrome toolbar

Then click the Free Trial button:

Next enter your email into the screen - it will send an activation link to your email:

Next activate TranscribeIQ by clicking the link in your email:

TranscribeIQ Navigation Basics

Interface: You can Launch TranscribeIQ by clicking this icon in the chrome toolbar

Alternatively you can launch it from the side bar in any Gong call page

You’ll be able to launch the extension on any page that looks like this and where you see the sidebar launcher:

Starting your Analysis:  Once you are in a call - select the kind of analysis you’d like to perform from the drop down menu and click    

Note - depending on the length of the call and analysis being performed it can take from a few seconds to up to 30 seconds to return the analysis.

Viewing your analysis:  Once the call has been analyzed you’ll see the results in the main area:

Saving your analysis:  If you’d like to save this analysis for later click the Save icon

Viewing saved analysis:  To view your saved analyses click to see your saved calls

It will display your calls you can click to access it again

Exporting saved analysis: Click the button to save the analysis you want to include by selecting them from if you want to get a single or multiple analysis out in bulk.

Deleting saved analysis:  At any time you can delete an analysis you’ve saved by clicking the button.

Manage Settings:  You can customize your interface using the button below:

Choose the profile based on your role if you only want to see Sales or Customer Success based analysis. You can select General to have all analyses available to you, the interface will instantly reflect your choice after you’ve made it.

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